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The Trusted Computing Experts

CryptoSecure focuses on hardening the security of your products and services so you can focus on your core business.

Expert Solutions

As Ecosystems evolve, security threats become more challenging to businesses.

CryptoSecure focuses on robust and leading-edge security solutions to provide a range of services
that include attestation and
strong machine identity,  authentication and authorization, and encryption and data protection that leverage Hardware Roots of Trust
and Secure Enclaves.


CryptoSecure will create a plan to meet your product's needs.

We provide Consulting Services, Development Services and Threat Assessment Services. 

CryptoSecure can staff your
projects with Security Architects, Project Leaders and Developers at any stage of the Software Development Lifecycle.

Who We Are

Staffed with a team of highly-skilled Engineers, CryptoSecure provides consulting services for the architecture, design, implementation and deployment for system, software and firmware solutions and ensure seamless integration into your products and services.

CryptoSecure is a cyber security consulting company focused on trusted computing.  We provide consulting services for the architecture, design, and implementation of secure software and firmware solutions. 

CryptoSecure delivers solutions that leverage various Hardware Roots of Trust (RoT), Secure Enclaves, and other security devices and services. 

CryptoSecure uses proven cryptographic algorithms, processes and methods to provide authentication, authorization, and attestation, as well as strong machine identity and encryption to secure your network, data, and reputation.

CryptoSecure focuses on the security of your applications so that you can focus on your core business.  We utilize Trusted Computing concepts and products to provide solutions that are Secure by Design.


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Areas of Expertise

CryptoSecure is focused on Trusted Computing and how to leverage security devices and services already in your domain to enhance the security of your system.

CryptoSecure consultants have been working with companies across the globe since the start of the millennium to define, build, and deploy best in class solutions and industry first products in areas that include:

  • Attestation

  • Strong Machine Identity

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Data Protection through encryption and key management

  • Secure communications using encryption and signing for privacy and non-repudiation


Contact us to see how we can help you build your best in class or industry first security solution.



CryptoSecure can provide you with consultants to enhance your existing teams expertise and bandwidth or an autonomous development team to expand your capacity.

CryptoSecure will create a custom plan to  meet your unique needs.


  • Consulting Services 

    • Architecture and requirements 

    • Detail design services 

    • Implementation, unit testing, and deployment services 


  • Development Services 

    • Provide development services for the architecture, design, implement, and unit test your security solution.

    • We work independently or as part of your team.

  •  Threat Assessment 

    • Create a threat model to identify potential threats, attack surfaces, and cost of breach.

    • Evaluate the risk to the organization using the likelihood, difficulty, and cost of a breach.

    • Assessment can be performed 

      • during the requirements, architecture, and design phases based on specifications, models, and other design documents.

      • post implementation based on documentation, code review, and developer interviews.

CryptoSecure will staff your project with highly skilled people with years of experience in the appropriate areas.  

  • Security Architect

  • Project/Team Leader

  • Developer

Contact us to see how we can help you build your best in class team.

About Us

CryptoSecure focuses on the security of your solutions so you can focus on your core business. 

CryptoSecure provides solutions that are Secure by Design.


After many decades of experience for our management team we have built a strong network that includes some of the best cybersecurity professionals in the business.  We pull resources from that network to create the best team for your project.

Our founders have a wealth of experience:

  • Each has 25-35 years experience in software/firmware development.

  • Greater than 20 years experience in Cyber Security.

  • Members of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) dating back to the inception of TCG and the initial Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Specifications.

  • Architected, specified, designed, developed, and deployed software and firmware on systems ranging from embedded, mobile, PC, and Servers running in environments including various RTOS, UEFI, Windows, Linux, and Android among others.

  • Experience with multiple security devices including many early proprietary and prototype devices as well as current production devices such as TPM and TEE. 

  • Developed solutions and integrated with Smartcards, Biometric Devices, Self Encrypting Drives (SED).

  • Collaborated on public specifications that have been adopted by the industry and private interfaces for proprietary solutions.

  • Leveraged both open source and commercial products and libraries that we were able to integrate into our solutions.

Let CryptoSecure put this experience to work for you.

Contact us to see how we can help you.

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