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Contact Information:

CryptoSecure, LLC

Princeton Junction, NJ

Scott Cochrane


VA CVE Veteran Owned Small Business (VSOB)

SBA Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

NJ State Certified SBE

        Certificate Number: A0114-28

NJ State Certified VOB

        Certificate Number: A0114-27


DUNS #:        115269361

Cage Code:    8GPR8

NAICS Codes:
        541511 - Custom Computer Programming 

        541512 - Computer Systems Design 

        541519 - Other Computer Related Services

PSC Codes:

        7030 - Information Technology Software

        D302 - IT and Telecom - Systems Development

        D306 - IT and Telecom - Systems Analysis

        D307 - IT and Telecom - Strategy & Architecture

        D310 - IT and Telecom - Cyber Security

        AJ21 - R&D - Basic Research

        AJ22 - R&D - Applied Research

        AJ23 - R&D - Advanced Development

        AJ24 - R&D - Engineering Development


SIC Code:   

        7371 - Technology - Computer Programming

CryptoSecure is pleased to announce that we are expanding into the Government Sector.  We look forward to assisting our government agencies in providing secure products and solutions.


Core Competencies:

  • Consulting Services – we work closely with your team to provide:

    • Architecture and requirements.

    • Detailed design.  

    • Implementation and unit testing.

  • Development Services / Outsourcing provider

    • Provide development services for the design, implement, and unit test your security solution.

    • We work independently or as part of your team.

  • Threat Assessment

    • Create a threat assessment to identify potential threats.

    • Assessment can be performed during the requirements, architecture, and design phases based on specifications, models, and other design documents.

    • Assessment can be performed post implementation based on documentation, code review, and developer interviews.


  • Experienced Consultants with decades of experience in computer and network security. 

    • Contributors to standards organizations dedicated to security.

    • Authors, contributors, and reviewers of public specifications.

    • As both consultants and employees, we have implemented systems using the technologies that we help to define.

  • Successfully implemented and deployed numerous industry firsts:

    • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Management Software, Cryptographic Service Provider, and Attestation Infrastructure.

    • Partnered with major drive manufacturer to develop first Self Encrypting Drives (SED) and enterprise management software.

    • Integration of TPM and CAC authentication with Full Disk Encryption. (FDE).

  • Experience on multiple platforms; from Laptops to Voting Machines and from Servers to Mobile Devices.  Enhanced security in UEFI, Windows, Linux, Android, and within secure enclaves.


Contact us to see how we can help you.

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