CryptoSecure, LLC creates a custom services plan for each partner to ensure your exact needs are met.
  • We use our in-depth knowledge and experience with Cryptographic Technologies and Security Devices to deliver reliable, extensible and cost-effective solutions.
  • Planning will include collaboration with Product Managers, Project Leaders, Engineers, and Executives. 
  • Execution of the plan will follow Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Best Practices, and / or Industry Standards.
  • Deliverables may include Requirements, Risk Mitigation and Threat Analysis, Architectural and Design Artifacts, Libraries and Applications.  
  • Target platforms include a host of devices, platforms and systems, such as Linux/Windows desktop applications, Android Mobile Phone applications, Windows and Linux Web Enterprise/Cloud Services and UEFI Applications.
  • Solutions may leverage one or more security devices such as; Trusted Platform Modules, Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Smart Cards, Biometric Sensors, and Self-Encrypting Drives to provide hardened security solutions.

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